Hannah Boynton

Meet the Artist

   Hannah grew up in the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains in a family of devoted naturalists. Every bird and creature, every rock and flower had a name and story of its own to learn. Her fondest early memories are of family outings that took them on excursions to the neighboring Catawba Mountain valley. They spent long hot hours searching rocky banks for the perfect fossil. They waded the creeks looking for minute creatures to cart home, and for animal tracks to cast in plaster.

  This heritage, and her parents' love for literature and art, instilled in their children a deep respect for nature and personal creativity. Hannah believes that this love is both taught and caught. She raised her four children endeavoring to plant that in them. Now they inspire her as they pursue their own artistic endeavors.

For years Hannah primarily worked with watercolors to capture the beauty of creation around her. Her oldest son, a large canvas painter, inspired her to branch into the use of other media, and to follow through with her dreams of illustrating for children. 
  After living in both Vermont and Illinois, Hannah now resides near Smokey Mountain National Park in Maryville, Tennessee.

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